KNIPEX 86 04 100 BK Pliers wrench XS, 100 mm

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product description

KNIPEX 86 04 100 BK Pliers wrench XS, 100 mm

  • the smallest KNIPEX pliers wrench
  • replaces the need for sets of metric and imperial spanners
  • smooth jaws for damage free installation of plated fittings - working directly on chrome!
  • adjustable tightening tool
  • also excellent for gripping, holding, pressing and bending workpieces
  • zero backlash jaw pressure prevents damage to edges of sensitive components
  • parallel jaws give a more solid grip; its design allows flexible adjustment of all widths up to the specified maximum size
  • reliable catching of the hinge bolt: no unintentional shifting
  • the ratchet type principle allows quick and easy tightening and release of all bolted connections
  • smooth gripping surfaces
  • box joint
  • Material: Chrome vanadium electric steel, forged, oil-hardened
  • Surface: chrome-plated
  • the XS pliers wrench for precision mechanics
  • particularly suitable for working on small bolted connections
  • very good access in very confined areas
  • Made in Germany

Technical details

Knipex Logo No 86 04 100 BK
L mm 100,0
Knipex Kapazität für Muttern, Schlüsselweite inch 13/16
Knipex Kapazität für Muttern, Schlüsselweite mm 21,0
Adjustment positions 10
B1 mm --
B2 mm --
B3 mm --
EAN 4003773087298

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